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Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter On My Mind

Brr. A cold rainy day - perfect to retire to my office and commune with my computer. Perhaps together we will come up with an earthshaking story that will bring a little moo la into the holiday coffers.

I sent two book reviews to Bookloons.com. They should be posted to the site in a couple of days, should you be interested. Conspiracy of Silence is fiction and Mr. Jefferson's Women is non-fiction. I also sent in my entry to the Country Woman's Great Cupcake Caper finish the story contest. The prize money is good but doubtful, I'll see any of it. I seldom enter contests but hey if there isn't an entry fee - why not?

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Shirley McCann said...

Good for you, Pat. I'm still working on my Cupcake Caper story. I need to cut about 50 words, but I am sending it in. Good for US!!