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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parties - Goals for 2009

It is December and Christmas parties abound. I attended two this past weekend. Friday night was a Sunday School Class dinner. It was enjoyable but the astounding thing to me was the fact that from about 40 people, we collected $700.00 for benevolence fund for the church. Christian giving to help others. That is truly Christmas. Saturday's party was fun. One of my writer's groups had a pot luck. Good food. Good company and Christmas memories penned by some of the best writer's in this area.

Each of us wrote writing goals for 2009 on an index card. Each month we must check to see if we are keeping our goals in mind and actually working toward them. Soooo - just to keep me honest I'm listing my goals here.

1. I will finish my assignment with LifeWay Resources on deadline.

2. I will work diligently to finish my novel "Murder on Tour."

3. I will keep my blog updated.

4. I will continue to work regularly on my Heritage books for my children.

My Heritage books are stories of my life, the stories I've gleaned from older family members, pictures and genalogy of each family represented. Families surnames are Elliott, Dickison, Holt, Roper, Gibbons, Hicks, Smallwood.

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Palooski65 said...

Well, well, looks like old ladies who see no need of blogging are the authors of the day.

Good luck on meeting your goals. Mine are: 1. Submit "something" at least once a month "somewhere" and, 2. Visit the library twice a week with a focus on writing those submissions.

Be sure to check the blog that Ruth posted with the Green Bean Casserole recipe before you move on--it was DELICIOUS!!

Virginia P.