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Friday, February 6, 2009


This is a Rant. I warn you before you begin to read, you may not agree. That's OK. This is my place and this is my opinion.

One of my favorite shows is Bones. I read where this season Bones and Sealy will 'get it on.' Come on writers. Don't mess up a good thing. Part of the tension is Sealy and Bones disagreeing, then agreeing. Past sexual liaisons on Bones have the characters 'getting it on' in strange places and at the drop of a hat. Just an eye roll and there they are naked in bed. People, sex is not love. Sex is part of love but love is a special feeling toward one person. You want the very best for that person. You give up part of yourself for that special person. We are doing readers and viewers of TV a disservice when we portray love as only sex.

Gibbs in NCIS keeps his private life to himself. His genuine fatherly love for Abby is not sexual. It is refreshing. CSI ruined their show's image when Grissom and Sara suddenly became an item. The show began to focus on their relationship instead of the mystery of their cases. Catherine keeps her private life to herself. Thank you Catherine.

I do not care for most reality shows. Too much reality is too much information. Amazing Race has a mother and deaf son competing this season. That one I will watch.

Oh yes, one more thing - Let's not have any more characters using the urinal while 'communicating'. Yuck!!!


Shirley McCann said...

I didn't know that about Sealy and Bones, but I'm not surprised. I've always known they would end up together. I truly thought that when Angela and Hodgins fled their own wedding and left Booth and Bones at the alter, THEY would tie the knot!! I really wanted that. Although, I have to admit, it COULD put an end to the bantering they have. And I do enjoy that about the show. Especially since Booth believes and Bones doesn't. Gosh, I love that show!

palooski65 said...

I've never seen bones--I'm at work when it airs. However, I've seen other shows where the tension between the two main characters are ruined when they change their parts to intimate rather than sparring. The one show that I liked where the partners were a loving, married couple was McMillan & Wife. Anyone old enough to remember that!