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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This and That Today

I was pleased at the opportunity to interview Earlene Fowler, author of "Love Mercy" via email. You will find the interview on Bookloons.com. And further pleased when the administrator at Bookloons invited me to e interview again soon. I emailed Fowler, thanking her personally for the opportunity to interview her and she answered my email!!! How about that? I find her a 'down-home' type of person and an excellent writer.

Ahh! I finished the 3rd Jeremiah Bible Study Lesson. From the 7th chapter of Jeremiah, God is displeased because the people of Judah pretend to worship Him in the temple but their hearts are not truly worshiping.

The lesson for us? How many times have you sat in church thinking about what to cook for dinner or where to eat out or how much can you get done on this your 'day off'. In the church? But only pretending?

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