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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Catchin' Up

I see I haven't blogged in a while. The time gets away. So here's a catch up about what I'm doing.

I had a super Mother's Day. There was phone calls, cards and flowers from children and grandchildren away and a delicious lunch cooked by son-in-law Greg and Granddaughter Kim. Would you believe grilled steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and chocolate covered strawberries for desert? I am blessed with wonderful children.

I finished the fifth lesson in Jeremiah. God said the people of Judah were stubborn. They refused to listen to the prophets and followed their own desires. Their refusal to listen would result in Judah's downfall to Babylon. They had a choice. They could follow the Commandments and have God's blessing or they could reject Him and be destroyed. We also have choices to make in everything we do? Which way? The straight and narrow way that leads to God or the broad way that leads to destruction?

I've been reading. The Two Bear Mambo review will be posted to Bookloons.com soon. I don't recommend it. The Chameleon Conspiracy is already posted on Bookloons.com is an intelligence thriller. It is a very good book but very intense.

For pleasure I picked up A Body to Die For by G.A. McKevett from the library. If you enjoy mystery and humor, this book is for you. Savannah Reid is a hefty PI and former cop. When a diet Guru's husband is found dead, Savannah is on the case. Can't resist quoting a couple of sentences from the book. "If anyone were to suggest to Gran that she was lazy or carried any excess baggage, they might just receive a skillet greased with bacon fat upside the head. Along with the corrective smack, they'd get a lecture about how 'sportin' a few extra pounds to begin with got a lot of good folks through the dark days of the Great Depression. Gran was big on stories about the Great Depression, skillet smacking, and the incalculable culinary value of fresh bacon grease." A Body to Die For is a wonderful way to forget your troubles for a while.


Shirley McCann said...

Pat, I enjoy reading your book reviews, but I do wonder if you've ever received any "hate" mail from someone whose book you didn't like! A scary prospect!

RTHRBRTN said...
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Palooski65 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Mothers' Day. My kiddoes took me to Hinode's. Um, Yum! They do know how to treat me well!!!

Saw the cutest scene on our way to the restraunt--so perfect for a Mothers' Day event. We were passing Sunshine (headed south on Campbell) when a mother duck and her goslings crossed from Bass Pro's "lake" across Sunshine headed toward Rib Crib. It was adorable! The last little gosling was a bit littler than the others and was scrambling to keep up. A blue and white pick-up held traffic at bay while the entourage made their way through the intersection. Absolutely the sweetest thing I've witnessed in a long time.