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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Shirley McCann passed the Honest Scrap Award to me. To earn this reward I must pass the ward to worthy bloggers who post from the heart and list ten honest things about myself.

1. I love God and thank him for all he does for me
2. I love my family - all of them - in laws too
3. I love my friends -
4. I love writing
5. I love reading
6. I love finding relatives through genealogy.
7. I love getting published
8. I love chocolate
9. I love babies
10. I love personal emails - don't like forwards.

I pass this award on to Becky Cummings, Kaye Calkins and Barbara Huddleston

Shaping your Characters

I attended ORA on Saturday. Brenda Minton was the speaker. Her presentation was great. She is a charismatic speaker. She reminded us of many things we already knew and gave new information about markets. No matter how many conferences and meetings you attend, you always come away with something new. Brenda's comment about characters was my 'something new'.

She said your characters have a backstory. Their experiences in the past shape their view of present experiences. What a difference that makes in shaping characters in your stories. Everyone looks at things differently. Your hero or heroine will look at things differently, your minor characters will look at things differently than your hero and heroine. Forget that your characters are 'just like you'! They are not. Their backstory causes them to see and think and act differently.

The statement came to me again on Sunday morning as I began teaching a Bible Study Class of ladies my own age and older. Everyone of us had difference lives. Some were married, some widowed, some never married. Some had been seriously ill. Some had a background of Bible study. Others did not. Each person had a different view point of the Scripture I was about to teach. If I can remember that as I prepare to teach again, hopefully my teaching will be more meaningful to all.