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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Shirley McCann passed the Honest Scrap Award to me. To earn this reward I must pass the ward to worthy bloggers who post from the heart and list ten honest things about myself.

1. I love God and thank him for all he does for me
2. I love my family - all of them - in laws too
3. I love my friends -
4. I love writing
5. I love reading
6. I love finding relatives through genealogy.
7. I love getting published
8. I love chocolate
9. I love babies
10. I love personal emails - don't like forwards.

I pass this award on to Becky Cummings, Kaye Calkins and Barbara Huddleston

1 comment:

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Congrats on "Honest Scrap Award"
Great list if personal likes.
Your kindness and help to new friends,is appriciated.
Geneology is fun.