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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October? What happened to September?

Yep, it's October. Jack-O-Lanterns, Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, colored leaves inhabit store shelves along with Christmas decorations. South Missouri must be the most colorful place in the US in the fall. Leaves are already turning. Have you noticed?

Back to what happened to September. For me September was a whirl of bridal showers, wedding preparation, house guests and finally a beautiful wedding. My granddaughter Kristin Harbin married Michael Highfil on Sept. 19. It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride.

It rained the whole day but family and friend inside the beautiful Harmony Baptist Church in Rogersville made is a warm and pleasant day.

All my grandchildren, except one-year-old Nathan, were in the wedding party. Nathan was an attention getter with everyone who saw him in his brown corduroy pants, striped shirt and vest. Just beginning to walk, the church was a great place to explore. Uncle Greg was happy to walk around behind him, introducing him to everyone.

My beautiful granddaughter, Jessica, was candlelighter. Her brother, Jared, was a handsome usher. Granddaughter Kim assisted her sister as Maid of Honor. Kristin declared she was the worst Maid of Honor ever, but I don't think she meant it.

Mother of the bride Dayna was busy in the dressing room with attendants dresses, along with Kristin's Aunt Jeana. Aunt Kyla and Aunt Aleta were responsible for Jessica and Olivia's hair-do's. Aunt Kyla proved helpful in keeping track of flower girl Olivia, who had not had a nap, went to bed late the night before, and was full of sugar. Aunt Kyla caught her 2 seconds before she locked herself in the bathroom.
As you can see it was a family wedding. And I have not mentioned the great members of Harmony Baptist Church and other friends who tirelessly helped with decorations and food.

The wedding went off without a hitch (that isn't a pun). Aforementioned flower girl put on a show for everyone but it is expected with the little ones isn't it?

Wedding pictures will be Facebook soon. I know I've mentioned the word beautiful too many times, but... she is my first granddaughter to get married and she was beautiful and everything was beautiful. OK, I'll shut up about beautiful.
We had a huge family breakfast on Sunday morning at the Golden Corral. All my family was there except Kristin and Mike. They had something else to do ... Oh yes, a honeymoon.

Now all the visitors have gone home. Fall is in the air and it is time for this writer to get back to work. Someone please tell me which of my projects I should start on.


Shirley said...

Yeah! What happened to SUMMER? Can't believe it's gone already. Sounds like you were busy. Maybe we were all too busy. Isn't that always the case, though?

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

The whole year is flying past us!
I smiled at your wedding discription.These are the wonderful moments to cherish. Happy for You.

Beth said...

I love Fall and it is gorgeous here.

Loved hearing about your granddaughter's wedding. I'm sure she was beautiful! You must be proud. My only daughter is getting married in the Spring and I'm starting to get all jittery.

Kristin said...

She was gorgeous, wasn't she? hehe