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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How's That Again?

I just read an amusing blog post by Erica Vetsch telling the funny things people say to her as a writer. It reminded me of a couple of my show stoppers from people.

#1 Are you still writing?

#2 The best of all. At a church meeting a woman said, "I admire Pat's perserverence. She just keeps writing whether anyone buys it or not." At the time I was a published writer and working at a college, assisting the PR director. A little bit of writing involved there, and most of it published.

In another vein, since I'm stealing from other blogs: Writer's Digest blog suggested a blogger only blog if they have something to say. Don't waste the readers time. Say something the reader can take away. And here's the one that punched me in the gut. Blog at least twice a week. As you can see from the dates on my blog, I'm waaaaay behind.


Shirley said...

I get the "are you still writing" bit a lot. But that one about you writing whether anyone buys it or not? - YOU SHOULD GIVEN THEM A SUCKER PUNCH!!!!!

Someone once told me that I should try writing romances cause they were SO easy!! Yeah, right.

Beth said...

Good post, Pat. Only writers understand writers. Period.

I get:

Are you still editing the same novel?

Or from my stepdaughter: "Why does there have to be sex in a romance novel?" (As she stood defiantly with a very pregnant belly.) BTW, there isn't any sex in my women's fiction novel but there is in my romantic suspense. She wouldn't even read one page of my draft, probably for fear of potential sex scenes!

Ruth Hunter said...

Lol there are lots of romance novels without sex...tell her to try a Christian Romance Novel.

I totally understand. I feel like no one takes me seriously about anything... am I that inept?

Good thing I am doing some of my writing and art for my own enjoyment...paid or not.

Leigh Russell said...

Just write what you enjoy writing. The rest will follow. And if not, at least you've enjoyed the journey - and the chances are your readers will enjoy what you wrote too.

Palooski65 said...

If you think you are way behind, come peek over my shoulder. I can't believe how I've neglected all my wonderful computer venues.

Glad you're "still" writing--think I might join you again. Ha! Snicker!