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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blurb for Murder On Tour

Murder wasn’t on the itinerary when Maxie Black and her friend Stella traveled to Ireland to help a friend. Expecting the sights and sounds of Ireland to soothe her spirit and provide background for her next mystery, Maxie did not expect to become the prime suspect in an extremist plot.

From the Book of Kells to St. Kevin’s Monastery, Maxie is hounded by a person demanding something that Maxie does not have. Among ancient castles and legends in the Emerald Isle, Maxie is kidnapped and nearly killed. Homeland security agent, Mitch Logan shadows her every move. He knows too much about her. Can she trust him? And who is Irene Bouchard, the redheaded bombshell that turns up every time Maxie is in trouble?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Super Bowl Celebration

My Super Bowl Celebration

I am not a sports fan but on Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to celebrate. Idea! Soup for Super Bowl. So I made a large pot of vegetable soup. Then me, myself and I sat down to eat lunch with a cup of tea.

Me suggested the soup needed salt. I told her to count her blessings that she had soup to eat. Myself said the tea was too strong. That didn’t bother me. Me made the tea.