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Monday, May 3, 2010

There is Life After Migraines - I think!

Hello. Must I introduce myself? It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Been having some health problems and feeling rotten doesn’t lend itself to bright, creative blogging.

I have fought migraine headaches all my life. School, marriage, children, work all while dealing with migraines.

Years ago, Doctors didn’t consider migraine a disease. “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” In my case, “You have three children, I’ll prescribe Valium.” Just what I need with three little ones running around my feet! Later, I got, “You’re depressed? I’ll give you something for depression.” Heck yes, I’m depressed. I have migraine so bad I can’t function. That is why I’m depressed.

Finally, found a doctor willing to deal with the problem and spent time at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. That is another story. It was an interesting experience. Every patient on the floor had migraine or cluster headaches. The nurses had also experienced migraine. At last, someone understood what you meant when you said “I have a headache.” When a migraine sufferer has a headache, it isn’t just a headache, it’s a HEADACHE.

I received the correct medication and got relief. I learned to watch my diet, learned not take on too much, learned to relax when a migraine is threatening.

So now, I’m having migraine again. Make that severe migraine. My doctor informed me, I’m too old to be having migraines. Well, Doctor, I’m old and I’m having migraines. He refused to prescribe the preventative medicine needed and referred me to other doctors.

This blog finds me in the process of going from doctor to doctor to find one who understands and treats migraine. Antibiotics for severe sinusitis has helped the worst migraines, but I’m still having headaches. Still taking too many pain pills. So if you see me staggering around and not making sense, you know I’ve got a migraine and am high on pain pills.


Palooski65 said...

Oh, Pat, I'm so sorry--I know that migranes can be horrible. I just get a "regular" headache and I'm a baby--always leads to an upset stomach if I don't catch it early.

It's especially hard to write with a headache--hope you're keeping up with your lessons that you have to prepare.

Wish I knew a good doctor that could help but I'm not good with references in the medical field--I dislike most of them. My experiences have left me slightly jaded in that respect.

Here's hoping that you'll be feeling much better, though-----SOON!

Beth said...

You poor thing. My ex-husband had the worst kind--cluster migraines. He tried everything from acupuncture to breathing pure oxygen. Even went to the Mayo Clinic out of desparation.

When we were married, I called a doctor once in the middle of the night (with a foot of snow on the ground) to give him a shot to knock him out. The doctor came and my ex got some relief. I took him to the ER a couple of times, and once they treated him like he was a drug seeker. He used to bang his head on the wall. I couldn't watch. Horrible. I get bad sinus headaches but they must be nothing compared to this.

I feel for you and certainly hope you're getting some relief. Take care.