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Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Vacation 2

Forgive me; I’m behind on relating this little saga of the family vacation. Age has a way doing that to me. There is much to relate, so please bear with me. After the granddaughters got the luggage settled, they declared no one could buy anything to take home unless they wore it home. We all promised we wouldn’t buy a thing on vacation. Fingers crossed. Everyone settled in and down the road we drove. It was fun talking and snacking and drinking. Water, we were drinking water.

As I said, our destination was Gatlinburg, TN, but son and daughter-in-law had just built a new house in Cunningham, TN and we couldn’t pass by with seeing it, could we? Of course not! Besides not visiting would be rude and if we stopped they would ask us to spend the night and save the price of a motel. We couldn’t just drop in and saw hi and by. Of course not!

But before Tennessee was lunch. Yes, I said lunch. You don’t think those snacks were lunch do you. Of course not! But could we make a decision between us? Of course not! Four women, four ideas. We decided we would have to stop at Poplar Bluff as there wasn’t much between there and Paducah. I’m not sure where they stopped. I just remember this old woman and the creaking bones when she got out of the car. “You’all go on and get a table. I’ll be there directly.” Glad I wasn’t sitting humped up on that cooler.

The kids house was truly beautiful. I will call them kids all their lives I guess. They deserve a beautiful home as they have lived in military housing for over twenty years. Son, David was off on one of his missions, as usual. But, we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at The Catfish House. Afterward we split our sides laughing, playing the game Balderdash. Then granddaughter Kim sent us over the top with the meaning of qwif being when you jump off a cliff at the lake if you have a lisp. I think it was after that grandson Jared said he had to go to work. That is reasonable. What 19 year old wants to hang around the house at 11 p.m. with six, count ‘em six hysterical females.

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