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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: "The Pursuit of Lies"

A romantic Suspense Novel

By Debra Burroughs

“Pursuit of Lies” is book four in a series featuring Emily Parker. Emily became a private investigator after investigating and solving her husband’s murder.

Now after a time, she is engaged to Colin Andrews, a new police detective in Paradise Valley. Emily and Colin are surprised at their engagement party when Colin is arrested for the murder of Assistant District Attorney Allison Laraway.

Police claim an insurmountable body of evidence against Colin. Emily cannot believe Colin can be guilty of murder but the evidence causes her to doubt him to a small degree. Police say Colin’s fingerprints and DNA are found in Laraway’s apartment. Her secretary says Colin delivered a pot of red flowers to Laraway at her office. Video shows Colin’s jeep at the complex where Laraway was murdered and also shows Colin accompanying the victim into the front door. Colin swears it isn’t him in the video. But do video’s lie?

Emily calls on her good friends, Camille, Maggie and Isobel for help in proving Colin innocent. Colin has his sidekick at the police department Ernie also helping.

Emily and Colin work together to figure out why someone is framing Colin and finally clearing his name but only after the killer confronts Emily in her home.

I recommend this book for romance, suspense, and page turning tension.

Deborah Burroughs writes squeaky clean books containing no sex or four letter words, yet manages to keep the readers interest.

Burroughs other books are “The Heart of Lies,” ”The Chain of Lies,” “The Scent of Lies” and “Three Days in Seattle.”


When tragedy strikes friends, do you know what to say to comfort them? They need sympathy, encouragement, and love, not judgment. There is a lesson in the Bible about a man whose friends didn’t know what he needed to hear. They judged him… well here is the story.

Job was a good man, faithful to God. Satan challenged God that he would make Job turn from God. Satan’s idea was to tempt Job to rebuke God. That is Satan’s delight if he can cause a good person to turn their back on God.

Job was wealthy. Satan took all his wealth. Job had children. Satan caused his children to die. Job was at the end of his rope but still he did not deny God. Then Satan took his health. He caused to Job to have boils all over his body. Job was miserable. His wife urged him to curse God and die.

Job could not understand why all these trials came to him. He wished he had never been born. He wished he could die. But he never cursed God for all his troubles.

Job’s three friends came to visit him. They were judgmental. They decided Job had sinned and caused all the troubles. They were very vocal in telling him he must repent. Job protested that he had done nothing wrong. His friends then decided his children sinned and Job was paying for their sin. In the face of his friend’s ‘helpful’ advice, Job still did not deny God. Job complained to God that other people were living that still had children to comfort them. Other people had a home and wealth. He couldn’t understand why God let all this happen to him, but he continued to belief in God.

I suggest we have all asked that question sometime in our life. Why am I not as successful as my friend? Why is my house not as nice as my neighbor’s? Why do I not have the money I need for necessities? Job questioned why bad things were happening to him but he remained faithful to God. Romans 8:28 (NIV) says “And we know that all things work together for the good of all those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” And Romans 8:31a (NIV) says, “If God is for us, we can be against us?”

When friends need encouragement, comfort and prayer do not be judgmental. When trials are bad in your life remember these two verses in Romans 8:28,31a.

What kind of friend are you? When your friends have troubles, they need you to pray for them, to be ready to help in any way. They need encouragement not judgment.

Friday, June 14, 2013




BY Ann Charles

Claire Morgan is back, still living in Jackrabbit Junction, still living in her grandfather’s old RV and still working for Ruby, Grandfather’s fiancĂ©. Well, she was living in the old RV until she and a skunk tangle and the skunk wins, perfuming the RV beyond repair.

Claire’s live-in boyfriend is still around but he may not be around for long unless Claire gets up the courage to spit out those 3 words of commitment, I love you.

The Morgan family is preparing for Grandpa’s wedding, including Momma Deborah, who thinks Ruby is out for Grandpa’s money, Ruby’s daughter Jess, who can’t keep a secret and Claire’s sister Katie, who can’t keep a husband or a job. Throw in Grandpa’s old Army buddies, Manny, and Chester, and Harvey the dog and you have a recipe for humor.

Jess keeps looking for her mother’s money so she can go to Cleveland to stay with her Dad who doesn’t want her. Katie keeps running into Butch, literally. Thinking he is a crook out for Ruby’s mine, Katie plays detective in Butch’s Bar and his home, landing herself and Claire in jail.

The mystery is who really owns the Lucky Monk mine, Ruby or the shyster Lawyer who wants Ruby to sell to him. Who is the guy named Porter who says he is a writer but isn’t and is intent on romancing first Katie, then Claire. The next question is why does anyone want an old played out copper mine?

Then there are the artifacts Claire finds hidden in Ruby’s safe. Are they truly BC artifacts or another of Ruby’s previous husband’s scams? There is a gold bar in the mix and Claire puzzles about messages left by Ruby’s scumbag previous husband Joe.

A totally enjoyable book if you don’t mind a few cuss words, copious alcohol use and sexual innuendos.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In light of recent disasters, it seems a good time to look at the character and faithfulness of Job. Studying Job is important because he suffered the same things we suffer. He was faithful and did not blame God through all his trials. We should aspire to be as faithful.

Job was a good man. He was wealthy. He had 10 children, seven sons and three daughters. He was known throughout the east. We might say say he had it all. He had a perfect family. He had everything any man would want. God said “There is no one on earth like him. He is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” (Job 1:8 NIV)

God allowed Satan to test Job’s faith. We cannot know why God allowed this. Nor can we question God’s reason. V.8 above tells us Job’s trials were not a punishment for sin.

Satan took Job’s family, his wealth and even his health. We can only imagine Job’s grief and suffering. Yet Job did not blame God or sin. (Job 1:22, 2:10) Satan’s goal was to destroy God’s man.

Satan is still on the job today. He is real and he continues his destruction among Christians. We must realize we have an enemy we cannot see but his is real. We will have trials we do not deserve and we must remain faithful, because God is real. His love is real for His people. He has plans we cannot understand. We can trust Him even in trials.

On the news we see people who have lost everything in a natural disaster. Most of them are quick to thank God for their life. Many tell the desire to pick up and start over. They are being faithful like Job.

The Biblical truth from the Book of Job is we can trust God even when things go terribly wrong.