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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: "The Pursuit of Lies"

A romantic Suspense Novel

By Debra Burroughs

“Pursuit of Lies” is book four in a series featuring Emily Parker. Emily became a private investigator after investigating and solving her husband’s murder.

Now after a time, she is engaged to Colin Andrews, a new police detective in Paradise Valley. Emily and Colin are surprised at their engagement party when Colin is arrested for the murder of Assistant District Attorney Allison Laraway.

Police claim an insurmountable body of evidence against Colin. Emily cannot believe Colin can be guilty of murder but the evidence causes her to doubt him to a small degree. Police say Colin’s fingerprints and DNA are found in Laraway’s apartment. Her secretary says Colin delivered a pot of red flowers to Laraway at her office. Video shows Colin’s jeep at the complex where Laraway was murdered and also shows Colin accompanying the victim into the front door. Colin swears it isn’t him in the video. But do video’s lie?

Emily calls on her good friends, Camille, Maggie and Isobel for help in proving Colin innocent. Colin has his sidekick at the police department Ernie also helping.

Emily and Colin work together to figure out why someone is framing Colin and finally clearing his name but only after the killer confronts Emily in her home.

I recommend this book for romance, suspense, and page turning tension.

Deborah Burroughs writes squeaky clean books containing no sex or four letter words, yet manages to keep the readers interest.

Burroughs other books are “The Heart of Lies,” ”The Chain of Lies,” “The Scent of Lies” and “Three Days in Seattle.”

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