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Friday, June 14, 2013




BY Ann Charles

Claire Morgan is back, still living in Jackrabbit Junction, still living in her grandfather’s old RV and still working for Ruby, Grandfather’s fiancé. Well, she was living in the old RV until she and a skunk tangle and the skunk wins, perfuming the RV beyond repair.

Claire’s live-in boyfriend is still around but he may not be around for long unless Claire gets up the courage to spit out those 3 words of commitment, I love you.

The Morgan family is preparing for Grandpa’s wedding, including Momma Deborah, who thinks Ruby is out for Grandpa’s money, Ruby’s daughter Jess, who can’t keep a secret and Claire’s sister Katie, who can’t keep a husband or a job. Throw in Grandpa’s old Army buddies, Manny, and Chester, and Harvey the dog and you have a recipe for humor.

Jess keeps looking for her mother’s money so she can go to Cleveland to stay with her Dad who doesn’t want her. Katie keeps running into Butch, literally. Thinking he is a crook out for Ruby’s mine, Katie plays detective in Butch’s Bar and his home, landing herself and Claire in jail.

The mystery is who really owns the Lucky Monk mine, Ruby or the shyster Lawyer who wants Ruby to sell to him. Who is the guy named Porter who says he is a writer but isn’t and is intent on romancing first Katie, then Claire. The next question is why does anyone want an old played out copper mine?

Then there are the artifacts Claire finds hidden in Ruby’s safe. Are they truly BC artifacts or another of Ruby’s previous husband’s scams? There is a gold bar in the mix and Claire puzzles about messages left by Ruby’s scumbag previous husband Joe.

A totally enjoyable book if you don’t mind a few cuss words, copious alcohol use and sexual innuendos.

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Shirley said...

That sounds like a fun book. For a minute there, I thought it was one you were writing. Hope you're still writing as well.