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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In light of recent disasters, it seems a good time to look at the character and faithfulness of Job. Studying Job is important because he suffered the same things we suffer. He was faithful and did not blame God through all his trials. We should aspire to be as faithful.

Job was a good man. He was wealthy. He had 10 children, seven sons and three daughters. He was known throughout the east. We might say say he had it all. He had a perfect family. He had everything any man would want. God said “There is no one on earth like him. He is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” (Job 1:8 NIV)

God allowed Satan to test Job’s faith. We cannot know why God allowed this. Nor can we question God’s reason. V.8 above tells us Job’s trials were not a punishment for sin.

Satan took Job’s family, his wealth and even his health. We can only imagine Job’s grief and suffering. Yet Job did not blame God or sin. (Job 1:22, 2:10) Satan’s goal was to destroy God’s man.

Satan is still on the job today. He is real and he continues his destruction among Christians. We must realize we have an enemy we cannot see but his is real. We will have trials we do not deserve and we must remain faithful, because God is real. His love is real for His people. He has plans we cannot understand. We can trust Him even in trials.

On the news we see people who have lost everything in a natural disaster. Most of them are quick to thank God for their life. Many tell the desire to pick up and start over. They are being faithful like Job.

The Biblical truth from the Book of Job is we can trust God even when things go terribly wrong.


Angela said...

Great parallel, Pat. Welcome back to blogging! Have missed you.

Shirley said...

Great job, Pat. I've missed reading these posts. Glad to have you back.