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Monday, February 2, 2009

Taxes, groundhog day, Murder on Tour

I was just wondering - Do you think if I DON'T pay my taxes - would I get nominated to a government position? Of course, I would apologize!

Groundhog Day. Of course we'll have six more weeks of winter. It's only the first of February. We may even have seven more weeks of winter. We still have to have Easter Squall and Blackberry winter. That is my Ozarks roots coming out.

I got up enough courage to ask a couple of people to critique my novel Murder on Tour. They said yes. I always hesitate to ask for a critique. Afraid I'll get an honest one maybe.

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Shirley McCann said...

Definitely six more weeks of winter, but at least at this point, we can start counting down the six weeks!! And tomorrow this week is half over, so that makes it five and a half weeks until winter. Gotta have a plan.....