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Friday, November 15, 2019

God Rested

Rest and Restore your mind and body.

Gen. 2:2

Creation was completed in six days.  God rested on the seventh day. He blessed the seventh day and made it holy. 
 Several years ago Christians recognized Sunday as a holy day. Some religions observed Saturday as a holy day. That is not true now. We can shop, eat and seek recreation on any day of the week.
Our world is hurry, hurry. We expect instant information on our phones and instant service for food. Every day is filled with work, worry and seldom any rest.  Studies show that most of us do not get enough sleep. We need rest. We need to come away from our work filled life and refresh body and soul.
Jesus sought rest when he learned John the Baptist had been killed (Matt. 14:13).  After His baptism, the Spirit took Jesus into the wilderness (Mark 1:9-12).  There he was alone to pray and prepare himself for his upcoming mission.  Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray before he was arrested and crucified (Mark 26:36-38).
Rest and restoration of the body and soul may come in different forms for different people.  While one might find relaxation fishing or boating, another may enjoy slowing down to read or engage in hobbies.  A walk in nature reminds us of God’s blessings.  Always remember to pray as you relax and seek God’s will for yourself and your family.  Turn away from the bustle of the world and rest your mind and body.

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